...a6 in the Caro-Kann advance

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    I have only had one player try ...a6 on me.  I just continued the attack on the kingside, then opened up the queenside.

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    ajedrecito wrote:

    After 4.Nc3 a6 is playable of course, as g4 can't reasonably be played, and the knight is misplaced on c3. White has a lot of sophisticated waiting moves available as well.

    I just like giving White a pawn and destroying him afterwards with 4...e6!


    It's playable, sure - but I'm with you:  why waste a tempo to prevent a White piece from coming to b5 later, when you can develop quickly with ...e6 now?

    It isn't as if White occupies the square - or threatens to - in every variation, and Black generally has multiple answers if he does.  But Black is certainly going to play ...e6 at some early point, so playing it at move 4 seems most flexible.

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