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Adventures with the Cordel Gambit

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        The Classical Defense in the Ruy Lopez isn't seen much in top-level play today. I guess it fell out of fashion about the time Gilbert & Sullivan were sliding down off the hit parade. But it's solid enough, and provides an alternative to the repetition of 3...a6 and 3...Nf6. Contrary to popular belief, it's not named for Cordell Hull, FDR's Secretary of State, but for Oskar Cordel, a German player. He also came up with the Cordel Gambit, 3....Bc5 4.c3 f5, a sort of illegitimate cousin of the Schliemann defense and Latvian gambit. Anyway, it's a lot of fun, especially in fast times controls.........

    And for now for comic relief, here's a few of my tries with this suspicious idea......

    This one's a real travesty of the Royal Game.......

    And now for something completely different......


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    Illegitimate cousin ?!? Damn, what a bastard! grin.png Lichess proposes the following line (Stockfish 8, d=20/20):



    The final position is evaluated at +0.3. explorer.png

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    Yigor wrote:

    Illegitimate cousin ?!? Damn, what a bastard! Lichess proposes the following line (Stockfish 8, d=20/20):



    The final position is evaluated at +0.3.

    IDK, so I'll make something up. The Cordel Gambit is the Latvian Gambit, and Schliemann Defense's illegitimate cousin because they are jealous that it has better evaluations than them (Cordel: +0.3, Schliemann: +0.4, Latvian: +0.9), so one day the Schliemann Defense and Latvian Gambit said "OK, you aren't our cousin anymore," to which the Cordel Gambit replied, "Why?", so the Latvian Gambit made up a stupid excuse, "Uhhhhh... because.... you stole my pet rock?", so the Cordel Gambit said, "Oh, must have done that while I was sleeping, sry, now bye!!!" 

    Ok, actually on topic now, the Cordel Gambit seems perfectly sound, and lichess actually evaluates it better than the Marshall Attack, AND the Chigorin Defense. I believe this could actually have some success in classical time controls. With best play, as Yigor's diagram shows, black regains the pawn. 

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    Fairy tale by Bernard! LMAO grin.png Some bastards are strong like John Snow in the Game of Thrones. blitz.png

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       "Pet rock"...... !? Holy smokes! I haven't heard that term since Nixon was dodging slings and arrows in the Oval Office!

        This is one of those lines that really makes me feel I was born a hundred years too late. Ya' know, like I missed out on the era when chess was like the wild west, and all kinds of crazy, unsound stuff got it's 15 minutes of fame. Here's the "author" himself, Oskar Cordel, in a strange game from a long-ass time ago......

    This was a three minute game against a lunatic.......

    This game was played with a traditional long time control, 90 minutes for the first 40. This is why I stick to blitz.......



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