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    pfren wrote:
    DaBigOne wrote:

    To many ppl (including me) endings are not every interesting. You don't even have to know them if you play as well as Houdini, in which case your games will be over in 25 moves, which I suppose is why people pay attention to the opening. 

    Sorry to say that you are wrong.

    The endgame is the most interesting part of the game, because there every slight mistake is usually fatal.

    You don't even have to know them if you play as well as Houdini...

    Oh, here are two slight issues:

    - You cannot play as Houdini.

    - Houdini plays the endgame as an idiot. Maybe even worse than that.

    Usually (not always), Houdini will win an endgame where he is material up for no compensation- but in general, he plays endgames extremely poorly. I will soon pass an example (correspondence game of mine, not finished yet) where in an endgame with queens and opposite-colored bishops, one side being two pawns up, Houdini suggests as "best" all the continuations the weak side draws comfortably, or retains good drawing chances.

    I know I can't play as well as Houdini, but that's what opening preperation is for, right?  What I was trying to say when I said that if people played like Houdini was that you wouldn't reach an endgame as the position would be decided by the middlegame or even the opening.

    And plus, slight mistakes can cause the loss of a game in the middlegame as well, especially sharp middlegames. 

    Anyways, I was just saying that I found the middlegame more interesting compared to the endgame, its an opinion. 

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