Aggressive Response to 4...Nf6 in the Scotch

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    I know how the pieces are moving, and I'm pretty sure that giving them away isn't usually recommended either.

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    Well since you think throwing away pieces is good, I'm gonna have to start doing that more often. I'll become a GM farily soon.

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    Heh first the negative reviews on Schiller's opening books have made some fun reading. The best ever was GM Anthony Miles who wrote,  "utter crap."

    The blunt point that Pfren is trying to make is that you dont understand piece coordination , how to improve your pieces and have them work as a team. The same could be said about any class player, to varying degrees, myself included. The point about playing X opening is that its related to a pawn structure,...the best moves in those positions are based on ideas and where pieces go to implement those ideas. If you mix plans then your lacking understanding...  

    Look at the best coaches of all time and you have a wide range of styles from quiet, nonemotional on the sidelines to yelling, red faced screaming. Both types have created winning teams but not all of them have been the best for certain players. Pfren is an International Master, fact, he has reached a level that most of us will never achieve, fact. You might not like the message and prefer it more kindly stated but instead of being offended really examine what he is pointing out. Often the most concise statement is the most meaningful and accurate. 

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    Actually, I feel like pfren is just trying to be an ass at this point, which is cool, I'm an ass to tons of other players, so I don't mind.

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    Because they are very poorly written and a great number of them are essentially data dumps. He also co-wrote some books with IM Watson , whom I consider one of the best authors around, which I like. The "Big book of busts"  is one of my favorites. Not something for IM's but gives me a reference in dealing with the crazy stuff people play at the class level. It also shows how to come up with a plan to punish mistakes. 

    That said I have heard from people he is a good coach 1 on 1

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    Actually, I recently watched a video specificly about the Parham done by IM andrew Martin, and he had many good things to say about it. He said it is DEFINETLY better than its reputation, and also that when you play it, white has all the chances, which I find true. To accurately defend the Parham, it gets you very cramped.

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    No he did not. He has one for about every opening under the sky though.

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    @The_Gavinator, could you show me the link. Seriously, the Parham is under rated, but it is still bad.

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    The Bongcloud is completely brilliant

    I am so surprised why no WC rarely (if ever) played it. The tournament directors must have decided it was illegal, as it is such a great winning opening, and give white too much of an advantage.
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    Sure:, get 2500 cubits, and go to the store, and rent the video "Ultrashock weapons: 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5!?".

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    I tried opening with the the Parham once. When I regained consciousness, I was in a hotel bathrom, lying in a bathtub full of ice water. Written on the mirror in lipstick, were the words "Do not move. Call 911. Your kidneys have been removed". Never again.

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    Funny, the same thing happened to me, only it was for Roy Lopez.

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    That's funny you'd say that, because all the games involved 2000+ players. In the Nf6 gambit line, white is the same player as in the 2nd game. That player managed to get a draw out of a player 500 points higher than him, and a win out of a player 300 higher than him. How would you feel if a 2000 managed to get a draw out of you with the Parham? That's what he did in the 2nd game that was analyzed.

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