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Amazing Ruy Lopez Game

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    great Horse on e7 !!

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    What is amazing in this game is the number of mistakes/blunders.

    No one cared about forking in d5 and many other things...

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    what amazing in your comments that you talk always about something special
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    Nice game, great ending!  Thanks for sharing!

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    I'm thinking.... can titled players get banned for a horrible attitude?

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    Bergjes007 / Sarah,  it's a shame some players talk without consideration of other's feelings ( or in some cases they purposely hurt )   unfortunately we all run across many people in life like that -- which makes us appreciate others more.


    no matter how high up the ladder one climbs in Ratings or other endeavors, there are always people above.      will they look down at those beneath them as inferior ?    why -- when they know how hard it was for them to scale the heights.    if they were mistreated on their way up, why must they continue that practice.

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    Yesterday my calendar had a text that says "We associate making errors with being stupid. And that's pretty stupid."

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    bergjes007 a écrit :

    I'm thinking.... can titled players get banned for a horrible attitude?

    Well, i think u don't know it but i already mentionned to Yaecinn (in another post of him), that i don't like his way to show games.

    U could ask what's the problem?

    - He is always satisfied with the games he shows, happy to crush opponents, so proud of it, etc...

    - These games are always commentated by him with personnal analysis : that is a good point but he lacks objectivity. For example in this game, he gives ?? for a move played by him which gives one pawn (in fact it is at least 2 on correct analysisi), while he gives only ?! for opponent which gives a piece some moves later... He often "forgets" to talk about its mistakes but always (when he notices them) point out opponent's mistakes.

    - I have doubts about the value of its topics for these reasons and others (he doesnt seem to accept some criticism but if we can't debate, why sharing on a forum?), so excuse me to be a bit irritated by this...

    - I was also wondering what was amazing on this game, that's why i made some joke but sorry if it hurts, not the aim.

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    It's like a chef who gets invited to a christmas dinner and then bashes the host at the table in front of everybody because of how they cooked the beans and the potatoes. Even if he's right, he doesn't get an invitation next year. Because it's just plain rude.

    Before they changed chess.com they always had this line "Please be relevant, helpful and nice". If you want to help my friend yaecinn, then recommend books, give him tips for his games, recommend books and videos, whatever. Bashing him in public in his own forum threats isn't one of that. And if you still get pissed off, then go jogging in the park or take it out on a punching ball. It's much less rude and it works much better.

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    lol i could replied to u the same...

    I just bashed him about the title ("amazing"...), thenI gave other points but the one who seems to be angry here is you.

    The reasons i gave above are enough and indicate some ideas to Yaecinn to improve its way to analyze a game, then to improve his play.

    Sorry about your advice : no punching ball, the weather is crappy so no jogging, but u know i am quite fine, and you?

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    Entertaining game, the win was well spotted, some tactics that could be improved but not bad for a 5-minute game.


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    I expected a response like that. As if I'm the one trying to bash somebody here. Nope. I'm just calling you out on your rude behavior.

    Now let's shut up and stick to the game. We've already ruined this thread more than enough.

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     I can be a kind person u know, and to show it, i made some analysis and comments :


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    Stupid game, stupid players, stupid thread. Stupid comments, from a stupid thought police officer. 👎👎👎👎

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    That's more like it happy.png

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    I wonder why all the titled players are all of a sudden a bunch of lowlife butt hurts in the forums? Smh. I crushed a FM in a game yesterday, and now all the titled players want to come to the forums and throw temper tantrums. Crybabies. 😢

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    FantasticFantasy wrote:

    I crushed a FM in a game yesterday

    Good job.

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    Thx happy.png


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