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    So...overall im happy with the positions I tend to get in the mainline alapin sixilian.

     However, the line which G kasparov unveiled against deep blue remains one of the most difficult to handle, imo.

    Certainly white could simply work on a nagging endgame advantage with his queenside majority, but if black makes the decision to draw it can be difficult to provoke mistakes from him, in my experience.

    So naturally ive looked for various options for white..wanting some line where i could certainly expect to win if black plays in a particularly uninspiring manner.

    Heres one idea, which has been played a handful of times before, which i have been working on most recently. I was toying with the idea of making this my regular alapin line, because it seems to have quite a lot of complexity and diversity of plans from the critical position. Just wondering if people might have soem interesting feedback on this.

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    Well, my only major concern for white is black has an outside passed pawn
    with a rook already behind it.

    Also, white hasn't developed yet, and since down a pawn I'm not sure what is white's compensation.

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    There are some 80 odd games in my database with your final position, with five or so games in 2009. It seems like it is quite an interesting position. FYI I included one of the more recent ones.

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    Having played the Alapin myself in the past, I had the same problem how to tackle this variation which became quickly popular.

    I eventually chose to settle on 6.Be2 because it's easier to play and I feel at home in the resulting positions. However, I agree that 6.dxc5 is the critical line, but it requires some good knowledge from white as time is playing against him, and it's basically a pawn race...

    If I remember correctly, there was a game played by French GM Relange which shows a very good handling of the position as white, and could be used as a model game.

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    I generally have tried either 6. Be2 or 6. Nd2...and in practice i almost always get a very powerful position out of the opening. The problem is that I have found ways for black to get a decent position in my own analysis in both lines that I cannot work my way around...except to get a very very tiny endgame advantage with the queenside majority that certainly should not be enough to win. I know its just a matter of time before people i play in some tournament also knows these lines. This 6. dc line is the only thing I can find so far in this  line where its really impossible to recommend anything in particular for black since as you said, its a pawn race.

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