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Any New Opening Ideas? Test for fun in unrated Tourneys!

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    e4 e6 d4 d5 nc3 bb4 e5 c5 a3 bc3 bxc3 Ne7 f4 qc7 be3 nf5 Kf2!? is my opening. Anyone up for a tourney?

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    Why not try the French winawer alekhine gambit (e4 e6 d4 d5 Nc3 Bb4 Ne2?! dxe4 a3 Bxc3 Nxc3) or the Chartard Alekhine Gambit (e4 e6 d4 d5 Nc3 Nf6 Bg5 Be7 e5 Nd7 h4 Bxg5 hxg5 Qxg5)

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    Those are both actual lines. I want made up lines to have fun tsesting. But if you have any ideas, please comment. 8 people preffered for tourney, 4 will do.

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    Anybody up? Post any novelties here. 

    e4 c5 nf3 d6 bb5 nd7 e5 d5 e6 fe ne5


    e4 e5 f4 ef kf2 qh4 g3 fg kg2 qe4 nf3

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    If these tourneys are unrated, it might be an idea to make them engine tourneys, to really put the novelties to the test.

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    Like it?
    Any random sacs, please post.

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