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what are the best openings for me to learn and how do I do them
DerrianDaignault wrote:
what are the best openings for me to learn and how do I do them

Take the lessons on openings.

No expense has been spared.


youtube is your friend


There's no easy answer to "best" opening. Let's say you like black's chances against e4 with the Ruy Lopez. You will need to prepare against the Scotch, Italian, Wayward Queen Attack, and others, and that's just from move 2. This is why many players prefer to learn a system, like the London System. It gives you a structure to strive for with clear strategic ideas to win. But playing the London with black can throw you into the Scandinavian, Queen's Gambit Declined, and so many other lines. Starting out, I think it's important to try lots of openings and see what kind of games feel right. In general, I find there's four kind of openings: open, positional, traps, and novelties. Open positions encourage lots of trades and use the space to activate lots of tactics. These romantic games have lots of activity and challenge your ability to anticipate threats. Positional games aren't always closed, but they always focus on strategic ideas, such as controlling the dark squares or aiming pieces at d4/ an isolated pawn. Trap openings aren't always gambits, but they usually are. There are entire YouTube channels devoted to chess openings traps, and it can pay to watch them even if you don't plan to use them. They usually use an opponent's greed against themselves. Novelties can actually be a good way to play because it can destroy an opponent's prep and bring out their worst habits. But most novelties fail to get the space or initiative other openings offer. So... which opening should you play? It doesn't really matter, but you should be ready for the opening to transpose into something else. If you play e4 you need to prepare to attack the French, the Caro Kann, the Sicilian, and others for turn 1. If you answer e5 with Nf3, you'll need to learn the Petrov, the Greco, and even the Elephant Gambit because some players will not pay Nc6. The way to find the new openings to learn is to try every single alternative move along the way to your Ruy Lopez, Caro variation, or whatever is your favorite opening. I use 365chess to look at different have and openings but even wikipedia can add some insight. Youtube opening videos usually don't talk about the thematic ideas, so it helps to look up have and see what people actually play. Try playing the position against yourself. Super easy, right? lol Good luck!

ashoffman wrote:

But playing the London with black can throw you into the Scandinavian

The Scandinavian is an opening against e4, not d4.


Learn one opening for white and two for black (one against e4 and one against d4).   You might consider Italian or Scotch to start for white.  Look at the lessons on openings here. 


The trompowsky is a great forced opening