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Bird's Opening Again

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    Bird's Opening isn't seen much in high-level play. I guess there's all kinds of stuff wrong with it for grandmasters. But for garden-variety woodpushers it's perfectly fine, and can be a lot of fun. After 1...d5, 2.Nf3 is the most common reply, but 2.c4 is an enterprising alternative. See Caprano Janosich vs Anelli G. Here's one of my tries:

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    Black should play better. Instead of 3. dxe3 should play c5. So something like this.

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    I knew their was a reason why i did not revisit this opening. I took it out my book. Will not play it even against a 800 rated player.

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    White should play better too.

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    Cancel my rhumba lessons.


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