Book on french


I'd like to play the french as black, I'm a positional player.
I'm searching for a book about the french which cover
a complete repertoire for black that include positional variation,
not sharp and tactical variation.

Can you suggest me a book?


Flexible French by Viktor Moskalenko is perfect.It doesn't deal with lines so much.It has illustrative games and explains the plans.It is though a book that is not so easy to read and Moskalenko doesn't bother at all with Rubinstein Variation(which should be among your main choices since you like positional variations).

The French defense:A complete black repertoire(Nikita Vitiugov) is a much simpler book and covers Rubinstein too.

I would say these 2 cover each other perfectly but start with the second.


Thank you! I checked the books and was really interesting.