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    I have a game i want to make known. What should i do?

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    Post it, share your analysis:)

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    The game starts with e4, while oponent defends with the French Defence e6, white's e4 advances to e5, the next move would be d4 and f4. The move f4 gives the game it's name and it's called the "BX-F FILE" what comes next is Nf3, Bd3, Bb2, Na3, Qd2 and 0-0-0.

    Feel free to add your analysis for this after trying it.

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    If you create a new comment on this topic, you see in the upper left corner a chess board. With that you can add the moves to a board and publish it.

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    It looks more accurate to post it with a diagram. :D

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    There is only one good move for both sides, for white its the e5 pawn and for black its the d6 pawn which is why the move is kike this 1. e4 e6 2. c3, now what will black play after this?

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