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c4 as white: genius or mistake

  • #1

    c4 as white I think is a mistake because it doesn't give as much central control

     and doesn't let either bishop out
  • #2

    lol what if black did d5?

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    You're supposed to eat those eucalyptus leaves, not smoke em.

  • #4

    No it does control center d5 square. 

  • #5

    Indeed, it's a losing blunder. Care to show us the refutation?

  • #6

    It's neither genius nor a mistake.

    It's just a standard opening move, slightly less popular than a few of the others.

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    It's a opening theory.

  • #9

    I see that Reb has resorted to a pixel version of his trademark slogan... Laughing

  • #10

    It is good against polish people.

  • #11
    TeraHammer wrote:

    It is good against polish people.


  • #12

    Is this topic a genius mistake, or mistaken genius?  Either way, I've gotta say it's genius.

  • #13

    Since Kasparov used it to win a must win game against Karpov to retain his world title I'm going to pick genius.

  • #14

    its move 1, how could it be genius?

  • #15

    If you know chess Dutch you'll find that each and every move counts ;) and I'll research main lines with c4 and show them

  • #16

    I may be busy so it could take a bit

  • #17

    How is this a mistake? I've won many OTBs when black played 1... e5 in response to my 1. c4. 

  • #18

    If i had to play that move i would play this:

    Basically getting a transposition into something like the Rubinstein.

  • #19

    ok here are some main lines

    this is known as the english opening main lines

  • #20
    jrzmath99 wrote:
    TeraHammer wrote:

    It is good against polish people.


    It is a counter to the Polish defense: 1...b5 ;)

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