Can somebody suggest a tricky opening repertoire?

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I have been looking into the closed sicilian lately, there are multiple sidelines which are highly aggressive.

Wait there isn't the only line the grand prix.

No, there are multiple lines. You should watch Eric Rosen´s video on youtube, titled something like "crushing the sicilian with 2.Nc3". He goes over some pretty interesting sidelines. Although he also goes over the Grand prix, which I currently play.

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I am around 1600 online, 1400 OTB... I am looking for an opening repertoire that gives my opponents many chances to go wrong. I don't want those crazy openings that are 100% based off of traps and you can't win unless they fall for the trap, but I want a repertoire that is tricky yet solid and will give me good practical winning chances against other amateur chess players.



The black line (An amateur got a draw against karpov because he played the blackline)


try and play the buddhapist and recte


try and play buddhapist and recte or english


Play the Sicilian Rossolimo as White:

-You can enter into it on move three (3.Bb5);

-Played by all of the world's top players (including Carlsen);

-Many tactical and strategic ideas for White;

-Sicilian players don't prepare for it (so it's tricky).

I made a video on it: