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Caro Kann

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    I just learned the Caro Kann. I attempted to try it during an online game. My opponent opened e4. I followed c6. He followed with e5. Now I'm stuck. If I continue and play d5 then he could either play A) e5xd3 e.p. or B) e6, forcing me into f2xe6 which weakens my kingside. If I decide to block him with e6, then I have an awkward position that only allows my queen to to be developed and forces my knights away from the center. Any suggestions for future reference?

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    You're not allowed to ask for advice on current games.

    You can consult the database (click explore), but bear in mind a lot of the lines it shows will be transpositions (reaching the same position from a different move order).

    e.g. if you look at 2...d5 3. d4, the line looks popular, but that will come from 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5.

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    Seems like black should just play 2...d6 and if 3.exd6, just 3...exd6 should be at least okay for black.  If 3.Nf3 then either 3...Bg4 or 3...dxe5 followed by Nd7. 

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     Thanks and I didn't think about being in a current game. I will save any future questions once my games are over.

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    yeah the caro-kahn is solid, a tough nut to crack.  i was a longtime french player but got tired of the cramped positions and the blocked light-squared bishop which you don't have in the caro-kahn.  now i play the sicilian which suits my style better.

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    i play the english opening

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    the caro Kann is my favorite defense to e4. Make sure you look up all the lines. ha Advanced varation, exchange varation, classical lines... etc. It is important to be able to know different lines.

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    Caro Kann is a good opening but there is a lot of tactical moves. Maybe you should try to play some attack positions because it will give you the best progress.

    @DanielNaranjo better is 6... Nd7 because it stops 7.Ne5


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