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Danish Gambit

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    I have played and won several games when I didn't take on b2, but when I do take I run into too many problems. Has anyone found a "safe" way to deal with the blooming looming bishops and queen stranglehold?

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    Here is one of the main line, giving a safe game :

    If u want to be greedy, the safer is this one :

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    5..Bb4+ is another very valid option to consider. its riskier, but its also fun and tactical for both sides, and if black survives the fire, he'll end with an advantage.

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    I have absolutely no difficulty myself with the playing of God Save the Queen in the presence of Her Majesty - besides,

    the pawn on d5 or the pawn on d4,
    that is the question.

    Every dogma has its day.

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    Idk what's so dubious about it. The same thematic d5 thrust in response to e5 is also implemented in this line. If white pushes e5, black will push d5.

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    after white c3 black play d5 and black better for human eyes

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