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Do flank openings lead to more tactical or positional games?

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    I know e4 usually leads to tactical games, and d4 usually leads to positional games, but what about flank openings like c4 or Nf3?

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    Who says I want to? I'm just curious as to what types of positions they lead to.

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    I haven't played 1. c4 (English Opening) often, but in my experience, it tends to be positional, especially the Symmetrical Variation (1. c4 c5).  Be prepared to play a reversed Sicilian via 1. c4 e5.

    1. Nf3 (Zukertort Opening) transposes a lot, and can transpose into open positions via e4 e5, closed ones via d4 d5, and everything in between.  The most unique variation is the Reti Opening, 1. Nf3 d5 2. c4.

    I play an opening on the other flank, 1. f4 (Bird's Opening), a lot.  This leads to very unique and interesting positions, and certainly has a lot of power as both an occasional surprise weapon and a critical part of your opening arsenal.

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    Why do people insist on trying to generalize each first move?

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    Mainline_Novelty wrote:

    Why do people insist on trying to generalize each first move?

    Attempting to understand the real implications and posibilites arising after say 1.e4 is much more daunting than saying, "it leads to tactical positions".

    Generalisation is easy.


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