Early h4 against dragon sicilian


I like to play an early h4 against the dragon sicilian leaving castling for later.  What do you think?


Aside from the lack of coordination with the usual moves of Bd3, Qc2, f4 and 0-0-0 to initiate a full Yugoslav Attack, not much really. For example, do you really like giving Black a free opportunity to play 7... e5, hitting at the Knight and stopping f4 temporarily?

Barring that, I would simply play 7...h5. Now we get 8. Bg5 Nc6 9. Nb3 0-0 10. Qd2 and Black has 2 moves here 10... Be6 and 10... a5, the latter played by Shabalov and winning.

Looking to 10... Be6, we have: 11. f3 Ne5 and White can choose 12. Nd4 as in Olah-Cserba Budapest 2002 1-0 (28 moves) or 12. Bh6 as in Krynicki-Cajbel Polancyk 2000 0-1 (35 moves).

It looks like an interesting surprise line though so who knows? Perhaps it would be a good weapon to hold on to.


I'm sure it's playable. Black has to play in the center or he'll just lose so you'll have good chances against people that just try to play "dragon moves."

I played 7.g4 in this position a few times and got similar results.


7. g4, initiating a kind of Bayonet Attack on the Knight can be a good surprise weapon. Black seems to have two good replies here in first 7... Nc6 and the surprising 7... Bxg4. Other moves such as 7... 0-0, 7... Qb6 and 7... h6 just seem to be weak in the ensuing position. Here is a line after 7... Nc6:

 8. Nb3 Be6 9. f4 Qb6 10. f5 Bxb3 11. axb3 Qd4 12. Ra4 Qxd1 13. Bxd1 Nd7 

And whether White plays 14. 0-0 or 14. Be3, he seems to not have enough compensation here.

After 7... Bxg4, we arrive at the following moves:

7...  Bxg4 8. Bxg4 Nxg4

And now White can play 9. Nc6, which was losing in Schroder-Maccioni Seisdedos, Vina Del Mar 1945 or 9. Qxg4 which led to a draw in Xiaomin-Wenhao, Suzhou 2001

Theory would show apparently that Black can either shift operations to the Queen side, as seen with 7... Nc6 (though this is almost 70 years old) or take the fight directly to the King side with 7... Bxg4. Being a Kan/Taimanov player myself, if I am presented with an opportunity to pick my side to play on with near equal results, I would welcome an accelerated attack by my opponent. The Dragon however, is really a whole different ballgame as most lines though sharp have been analyzed to 20-30 moves so anything is possible. Perhaps some games with 7... g4 and 7... h4 with annotations migh be a good demonstration of how people play and react to these moves.



i play unusual opening which brings me to olmost same position. I start with e4 and c4,Nc3,d3,Be2 and than Always every time g4 before h4. I have won most of my competitive games so fare. But have some bad games too. Idea is to bring pownes to h6,g5 formation and make black square bishop bad bishop or in case black have small casltle than later in the game black need to defend back rank