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Evans Gambit w/4...d5

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    The Evans Counter-gambit has a pretty bad reputation, and with good reason. It has a terrible track record, and it's hardly ever seen over master level. That being said, it can be kind of tricky, and offers black some aggressive options that can really put white's resources to the test. In this game, I got the better of my opponent, but I'm not quite sure where white went wrong...... Or where I went right!

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    20. a4 looks interesting.

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    Doggy_Style wrote:

    20. a4 looks interesting.

    I agree. As I said in the notes, black is probably much worse after 18.Bd3. In fact, after 12.Bb5+, black is probably strategically lost. Being up the exchange doesn't mean much when your'e rook is trapped on h8 and white has two active bishops. I finagled a win by virtue of my opponent's unnecessary pawn grab, 20.Bxf5. An interesting variation is this line:

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    After 8.Qxe5 why not 9. Re1?

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    Because of 9. ... Qxe1  ?


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