Evans Gambit

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    I'm sure there's something that wins for white, but I can't find it... 

    e5 Nxd4 isn't good for White, since black gets a second pawn and gives the momentum to black. alos, it may give black a later fork at c2. I want to find a winning line for white, but can't find one... any ideas? Oh, and u can use a computer too, but if this is some line in it's book, try to make it stop using the book, i want an original move.

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    My program indicates white is in quite a hole here, im pretty sure there isnt a line that 'wins' this one. Qe7 is indeed better than Qe8 but there was an even better move than that for black too, d5...then again my comp is weak and i didnt leave it thinking too long, but what can you expect down a pawn or two??

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