french winawer

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    hello users today I am going to show you a variation of the french winawer which I happen to like more than the mainline for black. Please tell me if you hate it like it or if you have an antidote. Also add why you hate it or like it and from who's prospective. Here it is:

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    A more well-known line is 8...pxp 9.pxp Nex7 when white can't play 10Qxp because of a later Qc3ch. That line has come under pressure from analysis in "According to Anand" series. Think 7...f5 thought to be dubious for sometime.

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    love this opening because of its complexity and tactics (one mistake by either white or black and they are dead.

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    pfren wrote:

    The whole variation is probably too risky- GM Berg was playing it as Black, but eventually gave up on it.

    IMO 12.f4 is not the critical move. Much more to the point is 12.h4 Nxe5 (relatively best) 13.cd4 Nf7 14.Qh5 Qxc2 15.Qf3! Bd7 16.h5 Rc8 and now I have analysed 17.h6! as a clear advantage to white (17.Qe3 and 17.Bf4 have been played at correspondence chess).

    I won't give any analysis here, I will just say that Black's position is barely tenable (at best). The only plus is that the position is very complex, and white may not play accurately.

    IMO the best Winawer variation for Black is playing the Classical! 

    good to know

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    If happy allowing Qxg7, the main-line poisoned pawn variation with 7...Ne7 and later 12...d4 played in Topalov v Kamsky is in good shape according to Watson's latest book.

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    When I push all my kingside pawns and attack the king in the winawer my opponent just shuffles his king to the queenside..cheating

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    The main line with 0-0 and the poisoned pawn as well both look like not even the slightest advantage for white..the qc7 variation with f5 I think is a bit better for white though but barely. What I find interesting is the variation with either Kf8 after qg4 or Kf8 after nc6 as in Nc6 after bxc3 and then qg4 Kf8.

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