Grunfeld vs Kings Indian Defense

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    I am starting this thread for discussing the two hypermodern defense in Chess. I like others to share there experience in this openings. It may be usefull for all. 

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    "hypermodern" is a bit of an out-of-date term...

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    of course it is out-dated!!!!!!!!!

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    Ironical that hypermodern is an old term... I still use it, thanks to Wikipedia's careful phrasing.

    Anyway, I don't study the Grunfeld, because neither I nor the people I play with would do something like that. Kings Indian Defence is sound but I prefer KIA.

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    I don't think "ironical" is a term at all.  At least not yet, and the KID is a response as black, usually after 1. d4 but also reachable by transposition via other move orders, and the KIA is an opening one uses as white.  Just to get that straight. 

    As per the OP, I find the Gruenfeld much more difficult to handle.  I don't play either as black, and wouldn't recommend, especially the Gruendfeld, to a lower rated player.  In my experience tends to be a little more forcing for white in the early stages, which I don't like at all, whereas the King's Indian Defense leaves me with quite a lot of freedom in how I am going to develop and continue the game. 

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    I always lose in Grenfeld and in KID is is almost a very exciting game and I have many impressive victories...)))

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    I just bounced Gruenfeld off against a friend.

    He suggested:

    4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.Nxd5 Qxd5

    Which prevents white from getting a hold on the centre. A possible continuation would be:

    6.Nf3 Bg4 7.h3(rather similar to the Ruy Lopez counter) Bxf3 g/exf3 8. e5 ...

    Which either blocks white's light bishop or exposes its king. If white does dxe5, black can go Qxe5 or Qxd1 and exchange queens, as well as preventing the king from castling.

    If white instead does Be3, then... ah, I'm too lazy to analyse any further. Continue my line, anyone?

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    I personally prefer both the openings, both this openings are my primary weapons, We need to handle this openings carefully. KID will have a closed position mostly, but Grunfeld have mostly open board position, Grunfeld is more dynamic. KID have some trouble with Bayonet attack and also with KID main line Ne1 line (Kasparov suggest some good alternative to face the Ne1 KID main line) other lines are not fromidable against Black KID setup.  For Grunfeld you have to face a most complicated variation like Grunfeld Russian defense, but mostly Grunfeld player will face exchange variation or Anti Grunfeld lines.

    Any how both will give a exciting game.

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    pfren wrote:

    The Grunfeld is easier to play, and has less theory to memorize.


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    I prefer to play 2...c5, but if I had to choose I'd pick the Grundfeld. The idea behind the opening (put pressure on white's weak d4 pawn) is easier for me to accomplish.

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    I play the KID, but I'd like to learn more about the Grunfeld. Fischer won the "Game of the Century" with it and Kasparov used it to great effect against Karpov in their third match.
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    Question as to the logic of White's moves in Grunfeld.

    Why would White play c4 after Nf6? Wouldn't Nf3 be more natural?

    I've tried Grunfeld and my opponent played Nf3. I hastily tranformed it into an ..opening of my own which has no name. I have yet to find the Wikipedia article for it... perhaps it's my own creation.

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    i like to play Kings Indian defence

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    Why not play them both !? Surprised

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    Check Kasparov games, how he destroys his opponents by playing KID. He quit KID only after the Bayonet attack since he is unable to find any good alternative to handle Bayonet attack. I am not saying Saemisch is not good, but its not like Bayonet attack or Ne1 Main line. 

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