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How is this variation called in Caro Kann? Don't see it in ECO

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    Hi all I was wondering how this variation is called. I know it's going into a steinitz/smyslov variation but taking a different route instead of playing e6:

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    I believe it is the Kasparov Attack variation. 6...c5 is just one of black's choices against it.

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    Thanks! I couldn't find it in opening books. Is there a reason it isn't played 

    much instead of the main line?

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    Ameya-kamat, he already knew it was the Steinitz variation (now called the Modern variation). He specifically wanted to know what this sub-variant was called after 6.Ng3. That is the Kasparov Attack.

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    Roman Dzindzichashvili recommends it on his roman's lab series. Basically it doesn't want to lock the Queen bishop up and gain some more dynamism by playing c5.

    According to chesstempo it's indeed called Kasparov attack but the c5 variation has no name apparently.

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    The chess.com explorer even gives advantage to 6...c5 ( more wins by black then by white) then 6...e6, don't know what it is on other sites.

    I researched it and first time used by kasparov against karpov was this game:

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    I have 135 games where 6...c5 was played. The move has some independent value, e.g. 7.Bc4 can be answered by 7...b5! when the bishop has to retreat to e2, since after 8.Bd3 (the usual reply to 6...e6 7.Bc4 b5) Black seems doing fine after 8...cd4.

    White has mostly tried 7.dc5 e6 8. c6 bc6 9.Be2, but Black's slight structural deficit is quite manageable.

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    ameya-kamat wrote:

    FirebrandX: Officially, there is no separate name for 6. ..c5. The position after 6. ... c5 is also classified under ECO B17 (Steinitz/Modern Variation of Caro Kann); as is 6. ..e6.

    If you read my posts again, you'll see I was making the same point. 6.Ng3 is the Kasparov Attack. There are no names for black's responses. Do a Google search for Caro-Kann Kasparov Attack and you'll see for yourself.


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