How much sacrifice is too much?

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    How does White continue the attack?

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    According to my database, 10... Bxa1 was weird of black. The usual continuation is 10...d5 11.Bxd5 0-0, keeping the king safe (and black will still be able to grab the rook).

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    13.Re1,d4 14.B*d4 is the easiest way to win

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    The question, "How many sacrifices is too much?" is an interesting question, but, Capablanca had a fairly good answer. As many as it takes to get to one's goal. Like when he played Stiener.

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    the best continuation is Ne5 followed by Bg6 and Qf3+.  The attack practically plays itself.  However, in the beginning, Ba3 is objectively better than Qb3, as black can get a rook, knight, and pawn for his queen and stop the mate. 

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    Any sacrifice is only too much when it won't work. If it does, how can anyone rightly accuse you of your tactics being bad, when there is no refute?

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