How should black play for a win against 1. d4?


It's also called the Sicilian Defence and the King's Indian Attack. That's because of the color of the board that plays it.

darkunorthodox88 wrote:

1.d4 nc6

if 2.d4, play 2.d5 or 2.e5 

if 2.c4 play 2.e5 or 2.d5 (2.nf6 is playable too, but 2.e5 is the superior order)

if 2.nf3 , then play 2.d6 aiming for a pirc/kid structure or 2.d5 chigorin style.

if 2.d5, learn to play the Mikenas with ne5, or just play nb8 and pirc it.


you will never be bored as black again.

This is my approach as well. The King's Indian Defense leads to games with lots of imbalances and chances for checkmating attacks, perfect for playing for a win. With 1...Nc6, black often aims for a kind of supercharged King's Indian, with the passive dark-square bishop either outside of the pawn chain or traded off entirely.

Even in the most critical lines (which TBH I have yet to see in any of my correspondence or OTB games), white's advantage is quite manageable, not much different than other responses to d4 or c4. I will admit that it does require a fair amount of study to not get yourself in trouble, though.