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How to Blast out Kings gambit???

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    ok cool

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    What is the double muzio?

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    insanity on the board

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    The Double Muzio probably (maybe definitely) isn't sound, but proving it isn't so easy.  I suspect at a high level, it would score quite low, but at an intermediate level it's one of the most fun openings for White (if Black will cooperate and allow for it).

    I had done a series on the Muzio and part three dealt with the Double or Wild Muzio which may or may not be of interest.

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    Looking at chess365's explorer, it actually scores quite well for white, but I am suspicious most of those games must be like 1800's destroying 1100's. I know somebody played this against blackburne, blackburne won in 18 moves.

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    3.Nf3 g5 4.Bc4?! (4.h4!) Bg7!.

    End of fun, start of grief for white.

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    Provide Black does not know the King's Gambit Declined, particularly 1.e4 e5 2.f4 Bc5, then I would be happy to play the White side. I always meet the KG with 2...Bc5, and have an easy time.

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    odd cause I tend to do pretty well against that variation of the KGD, others not so much

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    Wich defences are conciderd the best for black in the King´s Gambit? How does Fischers Defence do nowadays and wich defence does KG players here see most of?

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    I see some wierd stuff against my bishop's gambit, and even wierder stuff if they don't accept, like Nh6, a6,f6,d6,Na6 and other stuff like that. on both moves two and three.

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    not always, it is just the position becomes a minefield of tactics.

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    I am not sure of thee name. Kieseritsky Gambit maybe? But Black accepts the gambit (wich seems best to me) 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h6 g4 5.Ne5 and here comes diffrent moves, d6 for example. Giving back the pawn but makes it hard for white to castle.  Seems good for black, atleast it is very complicated.

    I like to play the Kings Gambit and I´m starting to get harder resistance so I am interested in wich lines are good for black.

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    Easy way: 1...c5

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    I thought you said the KG looses for white, now you advocate complete avoidance, sounding a bit hipocritical arn't we.

    anyway, I think that g5 is blacks best shot against Nf3 against Bc4 just play Nf6 and your game will be fine, also if anyone wants to play a CC game against me I am fine with that, just make it unrated. and I will give a return game with me as black (or white, whichever is the oposite of the first game) and those moves are for accepting the gambit, never decline it.

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    Lol, the KG does lose for white, but in light of the Parham instantly winning, I choose the Sicilian. There is the Grand Prix Attack, which is the equivilant of KG, but no equivilant to the Parham.

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    The parham is fairly easy to defend against if you are not confused, which I got confused because people rarely play it against me out of respect for my sanity.

    The KG on the other hand has some 500 years proving its soundness, and toss in a WIN vs. KASPAROV, arguably the best player ever. and Wins by Morphy, FISCHER (who you claim thought the KG lost, he didn't thats why he played it), SPASSKY (who had beautiful wins against FISCHER, and other notable players of the era). all you have on your side is the confusion factor, and a player who would loose to all of my above sorces (and Morphy would probably do it with a Knight handicap) so I am sticking with history and the Greatest players ever, a hundred years from now no one will remember Naka, they will remember FISCHER, SPASSKY, KASPAROV, MORPHY, and the most recent practitioner of the most historic opening ever, CARLSEN.

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    Nakamura is the current US champion, and currently in the top 10 in the world. He's not a legend, he's still an amazing player. I wouldn't compare him to Kasparov, at least not yet, he's still 24, he has plenty of time to grow.

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    yes but he won't be able to due to Carlsen who has played the KG and won with it. admitedly it was against a guy 200 rating points below him, but if it was lost, then he would have lost against said GM

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    The_Gavinator wrote:

    Lol, the KG does lose for white, but in light of the Parham instantly winning, I choose the Sicilian. There is the Grand Prix Attack, which is the equivilant of KG, but no equivilant to the Parham.




    KG might not be a popular choice among the elite players but if you lose with it at this rating its not the openings fault. Its an fun opening to play and easy to get into as soon as someone plays 1. ...e5 I havent played chess for long but it feels like there is a advantage right away as few are prepared for the KG just the Morra Gambit in 1. ...c5

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    Christiansoldier, Kasparov is (argueably) the greatest player of all times. Spassky didn't win the world championship until he was in the 30's, I know most players would put him on the same level as Fischer.


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