How to start a game


As I'm just starting to learn chess, I'm not to worried about opening theory. Nonetheless, I have to start my games somehow. Would you recommend starting my games with some major lines with big theory (Open Sicilian, Ruy, Nimzo/Queen's Indian etc.), so maybe gradually, step by step I will learn them and it will prove useful as I get better and better or rather staying with some less popular lines (Italian, King's, Grand Prix, Dutch etc.)?


Whatever takes your fancy.


thanks, but anyone else perhaps?


Well as White or Black?

And it depends on your personality and style.

If you like aggresiveness, than as White possibly the Ruy Lopez, or Evans Gambit.

As Black, than maybe Sicilian would be best.

Solidity would be Four Knights as White, or French/Caro-Kann, Petroff as Black.

I prefer to do lines that aren't overly analyzed, and that give me winning chances as both colours.


French defense. Scotch game or scotch gambit, I like to play those myself, can't really recommend anythng I don't play obviously


Also, C3 sicillian, allapin


Whatever you like. I play the reti as white. I know next to none theory, but I like it and it makes my games enjoyable.


kasparov states that players should develop along historical lines. using romantic era openings then progressing toward more modern ones.

italian, evans gambit, kings gambit etc 

learn to respect development and the ideas behind big central control then move forward.  avoid hypermodern openings and blocked centers they will just slow down your improvement in the long term