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Hurt or Heal: White Opening Moves

  • #721

    hurt e4, hurt e4

  • #722

    hurt e4, hurt e4

  • #723

    heal e4 heal d4

  • #724

    hurt e4, hurt e4

    @rooksacrifice, d4 is dead

  • #725

    double hurting is allowed? okay

    hurt Nf3 hurt Nf3


  • #726

    hurt e4, hurt e4

    I will post the standings if u tell every1 2 stop

  • #727

    why should everyone stop? 

    hurt Nf3 hurt Nf3

  • #728

    You know what? I'm changing sides. I'm going to be a traitor to e4...

    I just want this over. 

    Hurt e4, hurt e4

  • #729

    hurt e4, hurt e4

  • #730

    My last two posts negated one another. Hurt e4, hurt e4

  • #731

    because it is hard to record if everyone keeps adding comments

  • #732

    hurt e4 hurt e4

  • #733

    b3 26


    b4 30


    g3 14


    f4 10


    a3 3


    The rest are dead

  • #734


    Nf3 and e4 cant both be dead

  • #735

    yeah, that sounds wrong.  And didn't we decide double hurting was disallowed?

  • #736

    they were both dead a long time ago.  If you don't believe me count it yourself.

  • #737

    i don't think double hurting was disallowed and if it was, I wasn't the first to break that rule.

  • #738

    then what went on with hurting and hurting for no reason?

  • #739

    No one knew they were dead

  • #740

    IDK.  This thread has suffered from a lot of issues turning it into a massive post war.  I am retiring from this thread. peace.


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