Improve the beginner's move

what lesson should i learn from a-z at chess?

Chess for Dummies is a great book. You'll learn A-Z of chess including online chess.


Maybe try: A COMPLETE CHESS COURSE by Antonio Gude


A=Opening principles(1 hour)

B=Basic opening traps(10 hours)

C=Fundamental endgames(6 months)

D=Basic Tactics(6 months)

E=Annotated master games(all your life)

F=Advanced endgames(all your life)

G=Advanced Tactics training (all your life)


These are the letters you need.


For your first year or so, turn your focus back and forth between opening principles, tactics, and endgame practice. Once you reach 1300 otb or 1500 online rapid, then it’s worthwhile to study some select openings and annotated GM games. From there, positional ideas start to make sense, such as playing for an endgame advantage instead of aiming for an early checkmate or tactical advantage.


If cost is a problem, books that are legally free from the early 1900's are STILL excellent beginner books. I recommend World Champion Jose Capablanca's Chess Fundamentals (c.1921) whose English version has been converted to algebraic notation and is the legally free ("public domain") 1934 edition and is relatively short - about 121 pages.


It's not the greatest book, but it's very good for giving you a basic understanding of each phase of the game.  After studying it, you'll have a much better understanding of what you need to do to improve: understanding basic opening principles, recognize patterns and learn tactics/combinations, learn the basic endgame principles.



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