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Is Ruy Lopez Similar To The King's Indian Defence?

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    Ask any strong Russian player and he or she would agree.

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    Not Ruy Lopez exchanged

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    A lot of the closed variations are similar. A common theme is the relocation of black's dark squared bishop to f8 and g7, as well as an f5 break. It should be noted, however, that in the Ruy Lopez an f5 from black is not used to start a direct kingside attack, but rather to undermine white's center pawns on e4 and d5.

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    I study a lot old master games and you will be surprise how similar it was to the KID. In London 1899 tournament two games have a similar pawn structure, W.Janowsky vs.Blackburne and Dr.Lasker vs Blackburne; in Janowsky's game it looks so modern you will swore it was played in a recent tournament and in Lasker's game Blackburne crush Lasker in King's Indian style attack. 

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    Lets not think of the traditional kingside attack alone but the KID have many pawn structures and plans; if you are KID player you would understand what I mean. Here is a Blackburne vicious attack against  Lasker in a traditional sense.

     White.Lasker vs. Black. Blackburne

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    One of my favorite games of Janowski, he defended very well against a violent attack by Blackburne; Janowski centralize his pieces and attack in the queenside, his approach in this game is very modern.


               White: Janowski vs. Black: Blackburne




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    I right now I will include the old masters games and afterwards will introduce some the modern masters.  This game is introducing a similar theme black attack the kingside and white in the queenside.


           White: Carl Schlechter vs. Black: Ossip Berstein  San Sebastian 1911


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    One thing that help a player to develop a plan is similar ideas from different opening, I discover this concept when I was looking at the old master games and discover how similar in the Ruy Lopez it is to KID setup. I play the King's Indian Defense myself and always looking for new way to incorporate this concept in my games from old ideas.

     This game I am going to introduce is truly beautiful and unique in Steinitz brilliant sacrifice in the long diagonal concept.

     White: Celso Golmayo Zupide vs. Black: Wilhelm Steinitz

        Havana 1888

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    Notice that all these games you post feature an early ...d6 by Black. I'm not sure how similar the KID and Ruy Lopez look in other variations.

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    Hamstergang, noticed I use the word similar not the exactly the same. One the reason I use Stienitz's games and his defense the Old Steinitz variation, some of his opponents play pawn to d5 to gain space and cramp black (White pawn  structure d5,e4 f2,g2 h2,c3 or c4,b2 a2 and black structure a7,b7,c7,d6,e5,f5 or f4,g6 ,h7:and now is a race who  attack will comes through, white queenside or black kingside. Some the modern Ruy Lopez games have exact King's Indian structure. I noticed from the candidate match between W: Spassky vs. B: Karpov it had similar KID structure pawn, one modern game is from GM. Larry Evans who time the f5 push perfectly and won brilliantly.  I benefit from studying these old masters games and have use some their forgotten concept.

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    Even the King's Indian isn't all that similar to the King's Indian if you have to compare the Panno, the Petrosian, and the Exchange.

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    Exactly!! The pawn structure change a lot and a true KID player will know this,and it can look like a Benoni defense from the Four Pawn Attack and Ruy Lopez pawn structure change to the course of the middlegame and can have a similar look like the KID and planning and would it be nice be able to form a correct plan from these structures.

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    yureesystem wrote:

    Hamstergang, noticed I use the word similar not the exactly the same.

    Notice how I did the same, so I don't get what you're trying to say about my post.

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    When I started playing chess one biggest impression is the deep sacrifices master make,Garry Kasparov make a rook sacrifice many moves deep before his attack look dangerous in KID, this game of Alekhine does not have KID structure at all but that deep rook sacrifice that is similar in KID.

     White: Vygodchikov vs. Black: Alekhine 1909-10


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    Hamstergang, similar in a ideas and pawn structures.

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    This game I am introducing has made a profound impression on me in how to make a proper plan. Even great master like Schlechter executed an improper plan and Nimzowitsch out maneuver and prevents white incorrect plan.

     White: Carl Schlechter vs. Black: Aron Nimzowitsch


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    I was looking for an exciting game and not long positional struggle. This I introduce is resemble the King's Indian defense a lot.

    White: Isaac Boleslavsky - Black:  Rashid Nezhmetdinov


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