KID players,do you like playing against the four pawn attack?


i love the four pawns!


9...Re8 in the 4 pawns is a very risky line.

I'd rather play 9...Bg4 myself, which is more solid and reliable, although I do not play the KID myself.


I read a Fischer game somewhere where Bobby Fischer cracked it.  The strategy involving a broad line of pawns is a flawed one, as any sharp player can crack it.  It's much better going for a small center and developing naturally. 


Well, I played the KID a lot and most people play the main lines (Mar del Plata/Bayonet) or the exchange line. I think most players simply don't know the theory or they think the broad centre lines are just too sharp. 

The four pawns is probably not best and I've had more problems with the Saemisch or some other line that ties down the kingside early. The problem was probably not that these lines are so good: Rather I was not accustomed to it. I lost quite convincingly in one of these games to a talented player who is now rated 2350 or so. I've also come back with the same idea to beat people rated around 2000 with little problems.  

There is a lot of shock value in the e4-f3-g4 setup. Suddenly black realizes he can't play f5 so easily and then he ends up with no counter play. This is likely to only happen to you a couple of times though. Fight back and white could end up looking a bit too loose.

pavster wrote:

i love the four pawns!

why do you play the KID then?

Archerknight wrote:

I play the four pawns attack - it's great. You need to know a ton of theory not to get crushed though... Especially in the Re8 lines. Here are the 2 main variations:

If black plays perfectly, he's getting an easy game. But if you know all the theory and he doesn't, you can get an easy game too.

True, Black can get a good game if white is cooperative.

In your first game, every schoolboy already knows that Black is in trouble after 12.e6 (and not 12.Bg5?!). Jobava has scored 100% with it, the latest victim being a 2600+.

In your second example, it's known that Black should avoid inserting a6 and a4, and play 13...Qa5 immediately, when he is "threatening" to play ...b5 without a6 aid. Actually Black is scoring great in that line, and so white players prefer playing h2-h3 as early as move eleven.


What about 9. ... Na6 / 9. ... a6         ?! Somebody play this lines ?!


I don't play the KID as Black, but as White I like the 4 Pawns Attack because it can turn what is normally a closed game into a semi-open or open game. BUT I realize that it's not the best way to maximize my winning chances, which are better with the other main lines. As Black I'd think most players wouldn't mind facing this line since it's less complex than the more popular choices

5.Nf3 19,464
43% 31.3% 25.7%
5.f3 10,879
43.8% 26.6% 29.6%
5.Be2 10,338
43.5% 30.3% 26.2%
5.f4 2,900
44.7% 26.3% 29%
ScorpionPackAttack wrote:

I read a Fischer game somewhere where Bobby Fischer cracked it.  The strategy involving a broad line of pawns is a flawed one, as any sharp player can crack it.  It's much better going for a small center and developing naturally. 

No kidding? And the proof of this (besides your unverified OPINION) is located where? For starters, lets see the alleged Fischer game. In everyone else's universe, The KID Four Pawns Attack is sound, if not necessarily the best option available for White

NimzoRoy wrote:

...lets see the alleged Fischer game.

There is no such game, but it hardly matters: We can either invent it, or dream of it.

In amateur chess, inventing or dreaming things is usually called "expertise".


I gave up on the KID coz of the four pawns and bayonet attacks. But i meet the KID as white with the Saemisch.


i love playing AGAINST the four pawns. recently i have stopped playing the KID online, played the nimzo or queens indian


sorry pavvy, my mistake


I do play the KID... I think in the 4 Pawns' Attack Black has a good resource in the Na6 lines, which allow him to play e5 anyway.

What gives me the most trouble in the Samisch (5. f3).


Take a look at Letelier-Fischer. It's mentioned in My 60 Memorable games (#21). Perhaps Scorpion was talking abut that game.



Wow, it looked like he was getting rolled over around move 5. I'm surprised he didn't play d6 sooner!


There is no reason to "prepare" ...e5: it's quite playable directly. Factly, it's a good move, if Black does not want more than a draw.


Yes, I see it is good as a sacrifice, but *most* people would prefer to avoid the sacrifice I think...


If people prefer not sacrificing pawns, then they should definitely not play the King's Indian, at the very first place.

White might have a tiny edge in this endgame, but it's really difficult to make something out of it. Engines suggest a few improvements for both sides, but it's not sure at all that their suggestions are worth something real.


Yes but sacs in the KID are typically geared towards an attack, not towards a draw...