kings gambait

is it be played by experts only

"... It is well worth experimenting with [the King's Gambit] ..." - GM Gabor Kallai (1997)

I do not think that he was writing for experts only.


It is probably to be played by amateurs only.


I think it can be effective at any level if you really study it. Your opponent may be booked up on the Black side of the Ruy Lopez but it really throws them off when you play 2.f4. I've had success against higher rated players using it because they're not sure how to react.


There are no openings to be played "by experts only." Play what you like, learn what you can. Have fun!


Bence Beşiktaş


what is the best replyfor black after f4...


I think chances with White get better and better the lower the rating is.  It gives White a straight-forward plan on the King-side or Middle to attack, attack, attack.

When I coached a high school team in the '90's, I taught them the Bishop's Opening, which Kaspaov hadn't sprung in a World Championship game yet and had been out of favor for 60 years, which often transposes into a good position of the King's Gambit Declined from which to launch a King-side Pawn Storm.  My team rode that opening, new to most opponents, to 1st place in our state's most competitive county and 3rd place in the State Scholastic Championships.


umm... correction kings gambit


no a in gambit


No a in gmbit.