King's Gambit a good opening?

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    Hadron wrote:
    ponz111 wrote:
    HolyKing wrote:

    Its very good for white. In fact im starting to think that it is a forced win for white if played correctly

    Sorry but your thinking is wrong here.

    Please refer to my exhibition some months ago on where I took Black against the best Centaur players I could find.

    The fact that you played computer-aided chess and apparently won with Black proves what? That he is wrong? If someone tells you that the sky is purple, you don't need a whole lot of computer simulations to work out something that can be ascertained by simply looking up.

    And besides just how do you know he is wrong? His assertion that the King's Gambit is very good for White may well be based on his playing experience. He very well may issue forth the King's gambit over the board and win constantly, does anyone know what strength he plays at over the board and what sort of chess time limits he prefers?

    His definitive statement that the Kings Gambit is a forced win for white if played correctly is about as misinformed and lacking in any real substance as your assertion that he is wrong based upon on you winning computer assisted games. Your try to present evidence that at best, has only a causal link to what he said (ie I played computer assisted chess as Black and won so therefore you are wrong) based on something that is factually incorrect to begin with.

    The computer age has a lot to answer for....

    What if a tetrachromat tells us the sky is purple and we trichromats lack the capability to discern the purple? 

    As for computers even as far back as the 90s one defeated Kasparov (albeit by one point, but still!) I think computer consistency won and that match teaches us that lack of consistency (or being less consistent) could make us lose to people we have superior positional and strategic understanding over. 

    Since machines have a limited horizon effect Kasparov could outcalculate (only depth wise, not overall and certainly not as fast) the machine at times.  People are effected by so many different variables whereas a machine simply applies its algorithm with great consistency.

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