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Modern Defense

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    I'm trying to play my old system of g6 bg7, but I'd like something to study. I'm of course going to play it in my games, and work out the kinks, but I'd like to know a good place to research it.chess.com doesn't have any vids on it as far as i've searched!

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    I tried that too.  I really liked this book:




    Good luck!

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    I really enjoyed “Tiger’s Modern” by GM Hillap-Persson (sp?) back in the day.  Full games analyzed, fun style, interesting positions.  Focuses on lines with an early a6.  I became fully converted to the Modern for about six months, stopping only because I couldn't play the KID to save my life and White can always transpose into it.

    There’s an updated version a few years ago that may be worth a look.

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    MegasAlexandros86 wrote:

    I bought the book "The fianchetto solution", it's a very good book with exercises, strategical motifs, model games, move order and plans, piece placement, etc.

    Don't play an opening until you read a book on it twice ( and noted down ideas, put the moves on chessbase, memorize 1-2 model games for each line, etc. ).

    Believe it or not, I played the modern for over a year when I was 1500ish and didn't read anything. I can't get away with that nowadays :)


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