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Open good bye letter for the spirit of d4

  • #101

    Dear Nf3,

    Bringing in the calvary early? I believe this is a big mistake for 3 reasons:

    1. The archers will have their bows ready and will make their first strike.

    2. If they charge; you have no choice but to retreat.

    3. You fail to show respect to the weaker ones, decreasing you culture.

    As you can see; you have failed to live up to your expectations. Next time; bring the footsoldiers in early to stand and fight.



    P.S. Bring your brother in and I will kill you.

  • #102

    Dear f5,

    From now on you're paying your own way.

  • #103

    dear d4,

    I tried to give you another chance by learning the veresov. However, I came to find that this can only gain a slight positional advantage, and is not as devestating as the Parham Attack.

  • #104

    The only sound d4 opening is the Waite-Harrison.

  • #105

    Dear f5 followed by g6, 

    What's up?  You getting ready for a siege or something?

  • #106

    Dear Veresov:

    You are a worthless piece of crap. You promised so much, but there is just nothing there. No tension, no fun, no uncomfortable pressure. I feel I wasted all the time we were together. Please jump off the nearest bridge, especially if it's over troubled waters--or at least muddy waters.

    Your friend,


  • #107

    Dear Scotch:

    I had a fun time with you, exploring all your tactical variations. However, my trusted friend Wikipedia says you release the centre tension too early. Because I am a blind follower of whatever is on the internet, I have to leave you.

    Have a nice life! 

  • #108

    Dear Scotch:

    I love you, you are my most cherished lifelong friend!


  • #109

    In Memoriam : f3 followed up by g4

    Unexpectedly at home, after your second move. Only briefly did your light shine upon this earth, and then you were taken from us before your time. You will be forever in our hearts. Donations in lieu of flowers to the International Fools Foundation.

  • #110

    Dear spuddy, can you sign my name on that letter too? That's how I feel about the veresov too, after giving it a few weeks of work.

  • #111

    Dear e4:

    I know that some other people are renewing their dealings with you, because they are disappointed with d4. And it is true enough that under the right circumstances, you are better for beginning players.

    But where I play chess, playing 1. e4 is simply taken as an invitation to play 1. ... c5, and lead the beginner into the deep waters of the Sicilian, rather than openings like the Guioco Piano or the Four Knight's Game, which are intended to result from beginners following the standard advice. So I won't be seeing you too often until I can find other beginners to play with.

    Instead, it's Michael Stean's book I need to take off the shelf...

  • #112

    Eh, I found the veresov to just be dull, i mean it's the reverse position of the ruy lopez so I can understand. I actually have awesome results with the Parham.

  • #113

    Dear Premium Member,

    Really, you're missing out of a TON of good ads. Once I was the 1,000,000th visitor and won a $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card while you're paying dollars a month!

    -Proud Free Member

  • #114

    dear KG

    though  no one has given you true respect since Spassky beat Fischer with you, I will remain comited to preserving your memory

  • #115

    Dear KG,

    You are my favorite! Every time I play against you I win in 20 moves, keep on going!

    sincerely, every chess player in the world.

  • #116

    then play against me while I am using it. I will win with out an engine, scouts honor.

  • #117

    scouts honor?

  • #118

    suprised you have never heard that, any way it is essentialy the same thing as having to go under oath in a court, only it only means something to scouts. anyway , I promise not to use an engine, durring the entire game, even the endgame, and the middle game, not even a database, so help me God. hope that chees version means something.

  • #119

    Dear open good-bye letter to the spirit of d4 thread,

    Things used to be so good between us.  What happened?  Our light-hearted and clever banter at some point devolved into banal and unfunny observations and the two of us telling each other the same stories over and over as though we were a long married couple, well into our autumn years.  It seems as though that spark we had when we first met has disappeared.  I sincerely hope that we can find a way to rekindle the enjoyment we once had.



  • #120

    My Dearest Grobe,

    There's no easy way to tell you this, but there's a new gentleman in my life. His name is Mr Parham; perhaps you've heard of him. All the threads are all a-twitter over him since he appeared in town. I suspect that he does not posess that monogamous nature which would endear his sweet nothings to my ear alone, but no matter. His novel nature lends him a bit of rogueish charm, which more than makes up for his scoundrelous dalliances with the other threads in the neighbourhood. I do hope that you can forgive me my weakness, and that I may yet reconnect with you in the more lasting topic of our most fond connection.

    Deeply yours,

    open good-bye letter to the spirit of d4 thread


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