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Opening concepts

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    I searched and the opening is called
    "Sicilian Defense - Nimzowitsch Variation - Closed Variation"

    Who gave these moves these names ?

    Can I assume that Nimzowitch was the first guy to play 2. Nf6 ?

    Black opted for sicilian defense on move 1, then black opted for nimzowitch variation on move 2, then white opted for closed variation on move 3, Is that right ???


    Is this:

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicilian_Defence ,or other wikipedia articles a good source to study openings ?

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    2..Nf6 is indeed the nimzowitsch variation.

    2.Nc3 by white is often called the closed sicilian, which is why 3.Nc3 was probably dubbed the closed variation of the nimzowitsch.

    Wikipedia and other articles can be good sources to give an overview of an opening.


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