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Opening with E4- D4; Rude?

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    Many sources recommend that you open with E4 or D4. This seems to me very aggressive and, frankly, rather piggy to occupy the center squares like that. I mean, most likely you hardly know this person, if at all.

     Wouldn't it be more polite to play, say, A3 or H3?

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    I find it rude when my opponents don't resign after 1.d4. After all, I'm clearly better by +0.37.

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    On second thought, I've noticed that my opponents sometimes find it convenient to rest a Knight on my B4 or G4 squares.

    Perhaps it would be more relevant, helpful and nice to play C3 or F3, so as not to make them uncomfortable?

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    On third thought, that wouldn't help at all. They may not trust me not to take their pieces.

    This is very difficult.

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    f3 followed by kf2 is good!

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    Funny thread, MrToad2ULaughing

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    Toady likes sarcasm Tongue out

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    Woody Allen used to pose the question- "Is sex dirty?"

    Answer- "It is if you're doing it right!"

    "Is chess rude, cruel, and unkind?"

    Same answer. Cool


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