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parham attack

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    But if I want to find 2+2, there is one way to do that. If I want to checkmate someone in 10 moves, there are nearly infinite ways to do that. That's the major difference, IMs and PHDs are both knowledgeable, but chess and math are different beasts. Btw, I'm tired of wrecking people's threads, see the new one I made.

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    Gavinator do I need Batgirl to show you all of the Games FISCHER played it, he only said it sucked cause he lost to a soviet player who played it against him. He also was a loon and plus having an undefeated record with it as white is better than your example NAKA who has a shit record with it

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    jason17 wrote:
    edboardman1 wrote:

    see you try and find Qh5 in books and either wall , schuller, batford seem to tell the same story, its not in the book, so it must be a bad opening or theory. Yet over the board experience tells me that it works, even in here also, with a 75 to 80 % . Which i will take that over any book player, who relys on hope chess, instead of know chess. 

    did you know that 44% of statistics are made up, including yours?

    Did you know that 90% percent of people believe what they read? I know its true, because I read it in a book somewhere.

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    If you want to go about proving the Riemann Conjecture there are untold approaches....

    I didn't know that you were at the 2+2 stage in your math.  About the same as your chess, huh?

    isn't 2+2 fish


    I know its actualy 4 but I couldn't resist the chance to do that


    Oh and the answer for serious people is right under that answer.

    By the way how do you figure out the volume of a hemisphere

    V=4/3 pir squared all over 2


    answer is again above for serious folks

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    Jetfighter, that's gonna be half the area of a sphere, so .5x(4/3)xr^3, or something like that. Taking Geometry?

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    opos see I get messed up a bit I wrote squared its cubed, actually algebra II

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    Oh that was a fun class.

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    alexlaw- I agree. In the two lines above you posted, the main difference is that in the Parham white is up a pawn. Also, in the Parham line you posted, which is a common one, I usually follow up with d3, then try to pin the knight. It's defending pawns have both moved, so if black doesn't play h6, or move the queen, Nd5 wins a piece.

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    Are you serious?

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    Lol stop talking about stuff you don't know joey, you've never played the parham

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    Here's what you can do joey, tell me something that is better than the Parham. See my topic "Is anything better for me than the Parham?"

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    maybe you need glasses, but please go onto the other thread. This should remain stictly parham discussion, not going off topic.

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    Ok try this variation for white

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    Then Black plays ..d5 and wins.

    How exactly does d5 refute the bishops gambit?

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    d5 does not refute the gambit, it just gives white a lot more for the pawn he sacced, take with the bishop and get the game over with

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    No Trust me the asians kill thier students with Homework and extra curriculars, its like they are trying to get the Chess Grandmaster Nuclear Physisist, Well read Futbol Letterman all in one, who happens to be a concert piannist


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