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Please explain this Ruy Lopez variation, Archangel

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    First, I am trying to remember a game played way back I think between Kasparov and Anand. Maybe it was a Linares game. Anyways, my recollection was I saw Anand play a6 to push the bishop and felt this was the best thing since sliced bread. Anyone remember this game? I know my question sounds like "He looked like a man" kind of thing, but if you know of a game with Anand or Kasparov in the early 2000s where a6 was played and Ba4 after, please let me know of the game. I have already tried going to chessbase.com database and chessgames.com and couldn't find it.


    Now, with the question. I was going over the Archangel variation and 3.5.1 shows 0-0 before Nf6. However, if c3 is played instead, then Nf6, and white 0-0 this also is shown as Archangel. My question is, why isn't a3, Nf6, and then 0-0 deemed Archangel? Here is a board to show what I mean.




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    6.a3 looks positional inaccurate. Doesn't help White to develop or prepare a useful sequence.

    After 6.c3 Whites prepare the d4 move which occupies the centre and control more space when in this variation White wants to play the move a4! almost early on to challenge Blacks weak pawn chain on the Queenside. It doesn't seem right to spend two tempi move this pawn twice.

    Don't concern your self with the names and move orders yet. Try to understand the moves and the plan-ideas.


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    Thanks, but my brain is not wired that way. I have to know all permutations and give them a name. That is why I am in China. I can't remember "ni hao" is hello in Mandarin Chinese unless I remember the "hanzi" 汉字 (chinese writing) for it, which is 你好. Teachers told me the same thing, "Don't study the hanzi, learn the sayings." But 2 weeks later, I would forget. So I write out all these characters and now I have a shelf to place the knowledge. Teachers are now like, "Wow, you know the sayings and how to write the hanzi!!"


    So, learning about a4 is going to help me remember that a3 shouldn't be played. But do we then just keep the name as Caro variation of the Ruy Lopez or does it have another name? This will help "cement" the idea with a tag for memory sake.

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    Ask peter svidler
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    I don't think he's on this site.

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    This one?

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    That could quite well be it, thanks. I must have been only looking up Linares and Ciudad in my previous searches. I never knew about "Corus". I briefly played out the opening and I see it is called "Neo-Archangelsk Variation" on chessgames.com but when I put it through Arena, it shows "Moeller Defense" at one point. After that, neither are mentioned.


    Which is more important to study today?

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    It's important to study the one you want to play.

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     They all taste so delicious.

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    Well, you can't eat everything. So unless you are a GM and need to know a whole bunch, you should just put some samples on your tray and nibble on them for a while. The best way to learn an opening is to play it.


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