polish opening

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    just started to play this opening ,is it good or not so good 

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    I've no idea :-)

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    yeah at the minute me niether guess time and games won will tell Laughing

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    Played against it as black recently with some comments.


    And an older game that was quite tactical but with a lot of errors.


    It's certainly not terrible, I don't think it makes the most of your opening advantage, not that you should worry too much about that. You can get some pressure against the queenside and it's probably not one your opponents will know what to play (although that seems to just be control the centre and develop normally).

    See how you get on.

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    In my opinion, the opening is very good, but this is just my opinion.  I believe this because it is unusual and will throw opponents off very early in the game.  It is a very dynamic opening and is especially good for Blitz games.  Others will argue that White will not be able to retain the first move advantage in the ensuing endgame, I don't believe this makes much of a difference below master level.

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    Scottrf, in both of your posted games, your opponent's play in the opening was not correct.

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    I played it for years OTB and enjoyed it, I stopped it after coming up against:

    There can be different move orders for white but I found Black had too much pressure on the e-file, better development, good chances of attacking e3, quite often with a temporary sac.

    I would suggest trying a more main line opening as you will eventually do that anyway.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah true, they're probably of limited value, but was just trying to add something to the discussion...

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    I guess it is a matter of preference.  You could try the unusual 4. c3!?, even though it probably isn't quite as good as 4. c4.

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    Bump, because I like this opening.

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    thanks guys you 've given me lots to think about.

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    Yes, it's not something you can exactly refute OTB but if you learn how to play against it you equalize immediately.


    I saw two different systems: one you exchange your e pawn for his b pawn, like in the game above, to grab a lead in development.

    Another is you put a stronghold on e5, helped with a counter-fianchetto, and white has no way to free the diagonal for his bishop.


    All those kind of "trick openings" work only against who is not prepared for them. Soon or later you'll have to start studying a REAL opening ;)

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    ok any suggestions what opening that should be plutonia any help would be much appreciated.

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    Start by playing e4. Answer with e5 if you're black.


    I believe you should first learn the "principled" openings, such as the Italian game (just an example), to build up a basic understanding of development, centre control, castle etc.


    Then there's a ton of solid openings that violate those principles. I love the Najdorf that is the antithesis of opening principles. But if you don't get the basis first you'll never be aware of what your drawbacks are when you play a counterintuitive thing.

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    ok thank you plutonia

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    any one else have a opening they favour

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    Its sound, it doesnt do anything wrong. Its problem is it doesnt actually do anything right, most of the moves neither fail nor impress.

    Id rather be black though, whites play is just awkward. 

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    Perhaps awkward isn't the right word, unsual/unorthodox maybe?

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    any one else have a opening they favour, i would appreciate all suggestions and help given.

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    A few years ago, I played league (d division, yay!) and some tournaments.

    I scored around around 50% in my OTB games, always doig slightly better with black than with white.

    One year, I played the Polish exclusively as white. My White score that year was 14w-1d-1l.

    Is it the best opening in the world? No.

    Is it awkward for 1400-1800 opponents to handle even at standard time control?  I think so.

    [edit] I should point out that many of my wins were miniatures, some relatively strong (compared to me) made bad opening errors.

    Common ones were:


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