practise openings with me


any players who 1800 plus want play some games 

to practise openings against each other add me as a friend

can also post messages here to get a group of us that can practise against each other when available

i think this be a good way to improve

because there certain openings i struggle with that i analyse but i may not get this opening for another 20 games so its hard to improve as you not play regulary a particular opening

by playing the same opening game after game you i think will rember better, get a better idea how to play the opening with more consisteny

hope some are interested message me please

if interested message me please

we can pick an opening and play this same game few times


Nimzo-Indian Defence


a6 Slav Exchange



can we not get a group of players to help each other out?




any players over 1800 want play some unrated games


in morra smith gambit il be black side message me please


any players over 1800 want have some unrated games with me in morra smotih?


Me. I am over 1800 in rapid.


ok great will message you

any other people also want practise other openings please message me be good to have a group of us help each other out


any players not interested?.


any 1800 plus players for an unrated game now grand prix me as white?