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Recommend a defense against 1. d4?

  • #21

    I third the Tarrasch. Active, classical chess.

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    I fourth it. The only time I don't play the Tarrasch is when I try to throw them off balance. Then I play the Old Benoni; 1. d4 c5. Speaking of mental edge ;)

  • #23

    hedgehog fifth row dominance

  • #24

    d4 e6 c4 Ab4+ Ad2 a5 Axb4 axb4 Cf3 f5 is a good system, but modern benoni is good tactical defense!

  • #25

    Benoni is good if you are not afraid to sacrifice the pawn.

  • #26

    There are some players that were not comfortable with sacrificing the pawns like I am. I know that sacrificing pawns to gain compensation is good but yet I'm not happy with down a pawn.

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    nyLsel wrote:

    The only theory I didn't know on 1...Nf6 is the trompowsky one which goes for 2.Bg5 immediately.

    When in doubt of the Tromp, just play 2...e6 and develop normally.

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    You can still play the French against d4

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    i suggest the modern benoni

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    I second the Tarrasch suggestion : 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5


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