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Ruy, Italian, Scotch, or Veresov ?

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    I'm making a big change in my repertoire.

    Up until now, my white repertoire has anchored around the scotch gambit, with Guicco (c3 d4) and 2 knights to handle transpositions.

    Lately though, I'm not feeling the love with the Scotch Gambit anymore, so I would like to switch out that element of my repertoire.

    Which leads to which to pick?  Ruy Lopez?  Try for the Italian straight up?  (maybe with d3 instead of d4?), or the Scotch Game proper (NOT the Scotch Gambit!).

    Alternatively, might it be time to abandon e4 altogether and try for something new?  Perhaps d4 and the Veresov?

    If any of you have experience with a few of these openings, let me know what your recommendations are.  I'd prefer a system I can (re)build a fairly tight repertoire around. 

    Thanks and take care,


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    Why necro a 5 month old post which had little worth in the first place?

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    Ruy Lopez is much more interesting, with a closed game if you want. :D


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