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    Is the scotch any good?

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    are you any good?

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    @Arctor.. WHy are u so mean........... 


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    I played the scotch for about a month before realizing that it wasn't right for me. Basically, the scotch is for players who love open games, with less minor pieces on the board. Which is perfectly fine if you are going for a draw as white, but in most cases, the white player goes for the win. I would try it out, see how you like it, but a long term opening no. Study the variations, but don't go too deep. If you're beginning, i think it's absolutely great, as it gets right into the middlegame and really forces you to see the real side of chess.

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    I tend to stick with QG and itallian.... or ruy lopez. I would say I am beinner intermediate. 

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    If your interested in the Scotch, you may be interested in this lecture series by a Grandmaster on the Scotch Gambit http://www.chess.com/video/player/underrated-openings-part-1

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    I've recently started playing the Scotch and I think it's definitely one of the most promising choices for White when playing for the win.

    Ruy Lopez is great, of course, but there you really need to be booked-up :a lot: - since your oponent will be.

    Giuoco Piano is no good any more, but Giuoco Pianissimo (Italian game with d3 instead of d4) offers good prospects, though it's much more drawish than the Scotch.

    If you think the Scotch game is drawish, have a look at this:


    This was my :first: game with the Scotch, so it's not as if I was thoroughly prepared or anything of the sort. The game was really fun, with a lot of tactics and a crushing attack.

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    Yes it is!

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    The scotch is a nice opening. It gets your pieces out of the box quickly, but so does black.

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    Kasparov played it many times; it's good.

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    Yosriv wrote:


    Yes it is!

     Why is it called Scotch?

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    It arose in a match between London and Edinburgh ( Capital city of Scotland) Name is an archaic corruption of "Scots" or "Scottish "

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    It's fine, IMO, and definitely easier to handle than the Ruy. Carlsen has played it in a few games, so it is sure it has winning potential.

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    only the scotch breed are aloud to play it. be warned! thats why i never deviate from the english! if you haven't got an opening named after your country i suggest you find a new hobby 

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    Can someone tell me what the United States Opening is then? I'm too old to begin a new hobby.

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        I coached a K-6th grade chess club for 5-6 years (it was FUN). I spent a bit of time on the Scotch, as I felt it was a good solid opening for starting players. I played it myself , and used it in tournaments with good results.


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