Sharp Black defenses

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    Fiveofswords wrote:

    really. dude makes a snide foolish comment about what I evidently know, not even remembering that 3 > 2. And you want to join the stupid bandwagon. Love you guys.

    Love you too, Five.

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    hi there im mr. mahesh I m an intermediate play with me.. I guarantee u that ur going to have a great game. . Thanks u

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    Fiveofswords wrote:

    i dont really understand why you would call the KID or Sicilian tactical. I think they are not tactical at all. These are highly positional openings. Sure there are some variations where crazy tactical complications might exist but they are not necessarily critical positions for either color. Tactical games tend to be open. Kid and Sicilian tend to be fairly closed for a long time....especially the KID.

    An open position is not inherently dynamic, and a closed position is not inherently dry. One could argue that Semi-open positions start off being more dynamic since the central commitments are different for the two sides from the get-go. Personally I don't think they're any less tactical, but I don't claim to be the be-all know-all of chess.

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    what does sharp mean?

    like we talking about cheddar cheese?

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    wiselady wrote:

    what does sharp mean?

    like we talking about cheddar cheese?

    It's both 'complicated and tactical' is about as close to a definition as I can think of. Walking on a high wire comes to mind.  

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