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Sicilian Najdorf

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    Hi guys, I guess this is somewhat of a dumb question...do you stop developing your peieces in the opening you have started and respond to your opponents "out of book" moves or when they don't play main line moves by move 2-3. Most of the opponents at my level don't play mainline moves of the sicilian. Take a look at this game to see what I mean. I played d6 to keep the Nadjorf sequence. But my opponent is not responding in main line fashion. Houdini actually recommends e6 rather than d6. What are your thoughts?

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    What game?  Your post does not show anything but text referencing some game you played.  But, no game.

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    "I played d6 to keep the Nadjorf sequence."

    You should not have ignored your opponent's move and continued playing your main-line opening sequence; the sequence was already broken so it was foolish to continue playing as if you were still in the main line. In this situation, if you can't see a way to transpose to an opening you know, you should look for the best move in the position that's on the board.


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