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Sicilian or e5?

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    I really do appreciate all these comments. But as you can see, this is an active forum, and ppl are posting huge comments paragraphs long. Now i'm in school still and dont have much spare time. Please, continue posting, but with little time its hard for me to read long posts that are huge. If you can in anyway, try seeing if you can condense your post in anyway to make it easier. And lets stay on topic.


    Once again, i would like to thank all those who have posted

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    Oh, thank you so much Mr joey!  I think you should write a book!

    Just make up stuff and put it in a book--that would be interesting!

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    Hammerschlag wrote:

    If one is going to play the Sicilian, you better have a very good tactical eye and lots of time to study because there are tons of theory behind the opening. Anyway, it is a good opening just not for everyone as it does give Black plenty of fighting chances. I rather use the Scandinavian and go with my tactical ability than to try and remember lines and lines of theory; so I guess my opinion is to play what you know best because you will know it more than trying to play something you will not have time to study. 

    If you want to be a pro someday, maybe investing time studying the Sicilian will be worth it, otherwise, probably not.

    It's the exact same exact thing with 1.e4.

    Both are deadly when misplayed. 


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