The Caro Kann is better than the French

ThrillerFan a écrit :
Deranged wrote:

Both the French and CaroKann suck.

The French sucks because you trap your light-squared bishop in.

The CaroKann sucks because it's basically a French but 1 tempo behind (have to play c6 then c5, instead of just playing c5).


Clearly you are clueless at assessing and handling bad Bishops.  Often times, that Bishop plays a very key role for Black.  Only time that it is a bad thing to have that bad Bishop is against a Knight in an endgame.


Based on the utter stupidity of saying the French sucks because of the Light Squared Bishop, the following must suck too, huh?


Kings Indian Defense (Black's Dark-Squared Bishop)

Ruy Lopez, Chigorin Defense (Black's Queen's Knight)

Orthodox QGD (Black's Light Squared Bishop)

Stonewall Dutch (Black's Light Squared Bishop)

An early ...e5 must refute the Closed Sicilian according to you (White's Light Squared Bishop)


Not to mention many others.



Anybody that utters that the French sucks all because of the Bishop are merely talking thru their a$$!

Clearly you are clueless about humour.


Sicilian beginn is quallity start for initiative players 1600 + !