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The King's Gambit, Refuted

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    I'd ask for this opening to be called the "Chernoff Defence" but I'm sure someone somewhere has somehow tried this already.

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    Well, damn.

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    Nothing personal GB but I doubt if I'll be trying your "Miles(?) Defense" to KGD anytime soon - like in the next eon or so.

    CB BIG DB 2011 updated to right now with 5.4 million games has 7 games with this distinctly dubious defense.

    I've had bad results with KGA as White but will still play vs it as Black - was using Fischer's Defense 3...d6 with mixed results and next will try the Modern Defense 3...d5

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    10...Nh4 was awesome! And your opening must have put alot of pressure on white to destroy you as you psuedo-mock him ;) 

    Great game, very thorough destruction during the last parts. 

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    Thanks Chris, but I wasn't trying to mock, I simply thought it had enough surprise value to be useful in this particular situation.

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    Surprise value, mock, same thing ;)

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    I unsuccessfully tried to bust this defense against Stockfish.  It appears that what Hort played was better than my try.


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