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so lets let the thread die


I don't see why that's necessary to say, but ok...


i pwn


A similar opening was just finished against me in an online game - here it is:


joeydvivre wrote:

At the end of Move 5, we have a very common position in a Grunfeld.  I have almost 4000 games in my database from this position with such players as Ivanchuk, Dreev, Wang Hao, Grischuk playing it. 

Then I have 12 games with 6 Nb5 with a high rating of 1762...  Why are you so obsessed with this knight attack in all these positions?  In the position at move 6, the most popular move is e3.  But if you really want to attck the c-pawn, play Rc1 which has some kind of attack on the c-pawn and is a good developing move besides.  Nb5 takes your knight out of the center, allows black to get in c6 with tempo, gives away the e4 square.  To top it off, black can just practically ignore the threat and play c6.  After 6 Nb5 c6; 7 Nc7 Nh5; 8 Nxa8 Nxf4 black will eventually get the knight at a8 and be up two pieces to the rook and white will be lost.

You need to learn to stop playing that stupid non-threat.

If you pay attention, I was playing black, not white. I posted the line because it was similar to the ones the gavinator and whatsupyodog were playing. And yes, c6 does seem better then Na6.


And yes - I know it's a common position in the grunfeld - I play the grunfeld and that is why we reached that position.


6...Na6 was played by Baady Jobava against a world champion (Antoaneta Stefanova) with great success, so it cannot be a bad move!

6.e3 is a much analysed Grunfeld variation, where Black is doing rather well.



Read: http://www.chess.com/forum/view/chess-openings/the-queenside-fried-liver?page=1

They are calling an opening the way to grandmaster. Plus their pattern of arguing. Every sane person must realise the whole thing is just for trolling. They can't be that dumb. They are probably just sitting in front of their comupter and laughing at every serious post.

Admin, please close the thread and ban their accounts.


Olond , you are obviously a garbage player. Dont bash this opening for no reason. Please dont post unless you have something relevant to say.


Same pattern as always. Enjoy your soon deleted account.


Wow Olond, I'm glad the chess.com community is so friendly. Anybody who has new ideas should have their accounts banned. Good way to think.

p.s. joeydvivre, after Nb5, if black responds c6 you lose the rook dummy.


Some of us tried to tell you that you do not yet have the skill to understand what is good and what is bad.Acquire first that skill and then we can discuss any new opening you will discover.We are not against new ideas.On the contrary, I would love learning something new and use it in a blitz tournament I am going to play on Monday.

    I don't agree with those that "attacked" you and I don't understand them.You must search for new ideas but right now you are not ready.

What if I told you :

"I know nothing about cars but I think I can make one myself"

What would you tell me?Wouldn't you tell me :

"First learn about cars then make one"

If that sound unreasonable then you are right and I'm wrong. 


Well if you go Nb5 c6 Nc7+, you can win a rook, and possibly have the knight escape unscathed, but at worst you will lose the night, you won't lose the bishop.


nc7 is check


Oh, that's because that guy was dumb and played moves like c4 and Nf3.


If he was intending to do Nb5


Joey my rating is higher than olond and i barely ever play on this site cuz 95% of the people suck on here so i play on chesscube.


You rarely play on this site - doesn't effect rating. If you win your first 6-10 games you might break 2000 very fast.


People suck here - Actually no - if you want to play higher rated players who are stronger then win more. Also, I believe that chess.com is generally stronger in CC.


I wouldn't say 95% on here are garbage, however I'd say cube players are stronger in general.