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Transpositional Opening-How To Avoid??

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    Hello Everyone!! I am a French Player as Black and don't mind facing it as White. I play the Alapin Variation of the Sicillian Variation as White(1.e4 c5 2.c3).I like it but the problem is I often have to face the french defense instead of Sicillian with this move order:

    1.e4 c5

    2. c3 e6

    3.d4 d5 

    A very easy way to transpose. As I mentioned earlier I don't mind facing French as White but I would like to instead play the Sicillian. Any way to avoid the transposition. Nothing meets my eye. Any help will be appreciated!

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    play the open sicilian

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    Play 2.Nf3

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    Play 2. b4 or maybe 2. c4?  It's difficult to stop Black from playing e6 and d5.

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    Didn't you create this thread after our game in which I transposed using this method? :D

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    Yeah. And I also faced several other opponents who did the same. Also,I wanna play c3 but avoid this!

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    of course there is an independent line, which is 4 exd5.

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    Maybe 2. Nf3 followed by 3. c3 against everything else than 2.. e6. Then learn something against 2.. e6

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    nf3 d6 c3 nf6 might also be not exactly what you expect.

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    LoveYouSoMuch wrote:

    nf3 d6 c3 nf6 might also be not exactly what you expect.

    1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.c3 e6 4.d4 d5 would also be pretty funny.

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    So, yeah, Post 8 is your solution.

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    But that gives and equal position. I guess I will have to face French then.

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    well, black usually gets an IQP and i think that the best player can expect to win pretty often in the resulting positions. that said, transposing to the advance french is perfectly acceptable, also for psychological reasons... :p

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    This e6 line is very rare.Why would a sicilian player wanna play the french?Just play the advance french.You must know about it more since you have probably faced it a lot being a french player.If you totally wanna get an IQP,there is a line.Challenge me on live and I'll show you.

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